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From the desk of John Braun

I hardly believed it... There I was, standing at a cocktail party during the Connections Convention, the biggest event in the carpet cleaning industry.  Two guys walked up to thank me. They made over $100,000 the previous month using strategies they learned from me on Internet marketing. 

I said, "Last month, alone?"  They said yes and that their town had been hit hard with flooding.  Because of my tips their website had just recently gotten visible on Google and they made bank.

Well, that's great for a city in an emergency, but what about normal situations?  What about Darrell and Ingrid Thomas, who did $7,000 in Internet business for only $350 of advertising investment? 

What about Eric Kidwell who routinely gets $600 cleaning jobs from his website and Tracy Osborne who gets jobs online all the time for only a tiny monthly investment of less than $100?

What do these people have in common? 

Most of them have seen me speak LIVE at industry events and all of them made it a point to thoroughly learn at least some of my Internet marketing system.

Why is this workshop different?

John BraunThere's nothing like seeing this stuff LIVE.  Up until now, most of my training has been via webinar and the few occasions each year I speak at industry events.

So now, I've been convinced by clients and colleagues to do it.  For the first time ever, you can see LIVE the simple tricks to getting cleaning clients on the Internet.

This is hands-on stuff!  You'll bring your computer and actually do some of the stuff I'm teaching.  If you run into problems, my staff and I will be there to help.

This is NOT a seminar where you sit back and watch me dazzle you with information that's over your head.  Everything we do will be at beginner to intermeidate levels. This is a "GIT-ER-DONE" environment.

If you want to put real world Internet marketing to work in your cleaning business, you NEED to be at this workshop.

You can actually watch me and see how to:

  • Get INSTANT TRAFFIC from Google (Yes, within minutes)

  • Set up a mobile website (Even learn a way to do it FREE)

  • Tweak your Google Places profile to rank higher and get more leads

  • Set the keywords on your website so Google knows how to rank you

  • Optimize Google Adwords so you're NOT wasting money

  • Use Facebook to get clients FREE

  • Make your YouTube videos rank at the top of Google

  • Little simple tricks to help your website ranking FREE

What's the answer to taking full advantage of the
Internet for your cleaning business?

It's simple.  Attend the first Internet Marketing workshop.  Once you see LIVE how this stuff works you'll have so many ways to get the Internet to work in your cleaning business that you're sure to succeed.

What will you walk out with after the seminar?

You'll know more about how to use the web to get cleaning clients than 99% of all the other cleaners in the world.  But it goes further than that because we'll be doing HANDS ON training. 

You'll actually get a good portion of what you need to do done.  And we'll be there to walk you through.

I've specialized designed the content to be for beginner to intermediate levels.  So even if you don't have a clue about what to do online, this workshop is perfect for you.  If you do some Internet marketing for your cleaning biz, but still have unanswered questions, this is perfect.  However, if you're already an Internet master, this isn't the workshop for you unless you want to review your skills.

By the end of the workshop, you'll either have done
or be on the right road to:

  • Google Adwords:  Set up the right way and get traffic FAST.
  • Google Places:  Claimed and optimized.
  • Google SEO:  You'll know how to get your site ranking.
  • Facebook:  Set up and ready to get attention.
  • Mobile Website:  You'll walk out with your own mobile website.
  • Social Media, Press Releases, and Other Latest Internet Stuff.

To get all this set up for you it would cost several thousand dollars.  And even then, it may or may not be set up correctly.  Plus, it would require future maintenance at future cost to get done again. 

You'll be able to see what needs to be done and take your marketing into your own hands.  Even if you intend on outsourcing your Internet marketing, wouldn't it be a great idea to actually KNOW this stuff so you don't get the wool pulled over your eyes? 

The knowledge alone is priceless.

...If you're tired of seeing your competitors get the business.
...If you're confused on how to use Google and Facebook.

...If you just want to see with your own eyes how to get more clients.

...Then you have to be here at this event.

You learn better by seeing it LIVE.  So register now.

The event takes place June 22, 2012 in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.  Bring the family, attend the workshop on Friday and spend the rest of the weekend on Pensacola Beach.  Talk to your accountant, because you may even be able to use this as a short vacation/business trip.

Beautiful Pensacola Beach

Sign up right now, you can get in at the special early bird rate of just $197.  The price will be going up to $297 soon.  There are only a limited amount of spaces available.

Risk FREE Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you feel you're not getting exactly what you need to help your business get clients online, just let me know before lunch.

I'll refund your payment in full. No questions asked. Plus, I'll give you $200 in web design or SEO credit to help pay for your trip down. That way, you risk nothing.


FREE Internet Training Program

As a special bonus, sign up now and you'll also get in on the new "Internet Dominator" training series (this alone is a $147 value).  This training package will be offered four weeks BEFORE the workshop and will get you a head start in getting clients online.


Area Rug Marketing Workshop

The evening before the workshop, on June 21st, my good friend Dusty Roberts of the RugBadger company is putting on a mini-workshop to show you how to market area rugs.

You'll get focused on the biggest challenges newbie rug care specialists have. You'll see how to convert price shoppers into clients that will pay you the top $ to have their rugs cared for.

Dusty's program will show you exactly how to convert these price shoppers into clients 90 percent of the time. You'll get in this special mini-workshop FREE when you sign up for the Internet Workshop.

Until later,

John Braun
Ad Hitman

P.S. Register now and get in at the discounted price, plus get the FREE bonus "Internet Dominator" training series valued at $147. But hurry, the price is going up soon and the training series bonus will be gone after the first 50 people have registered.

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Hurry, only the first 50 registrants get the FREE training series.


Note:  This workshop is NOT open to cleaning and restoration companies that service Escambia or Santa Rosa Counties in Florida.


Yes John, I need to know how to get more clients online

“Let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your marketing tips. Last month, we did $7,000 in internet business and paid only about $350 for it. That’s a cost of 5¢ per dollar revenue, which is a much better return than with our other marketing methods – and I haven’t even implemented most of your materials yet. I’ll keep working on it, as time allows.”

Darrell and Ingrid Thomas, Carpet Pros Inc of Charlotte

“I've been attending your search engine optimization class and it has been a treasure trove of information. I've implemented a great deal of what you have taught and I am listing much better in Google already. Thank you for your quick responses to my questions and I appreciate the quick way you put all the class materials up on the web so I can go thru the class again at my leisure. I look forward to signing up for more classes with the Hitman.”

Thomas Dunne, Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc.

“I love working with John. He has helped us to reach # 1 in google searches. I always recommend John to all my clients.”

Dusty Roberts, Rugbadger Corporation

“Thanks John.  I followed some of the advice you gave in the Get on Top of Google class and it took my website from #8 in Google to #1 on Google in my city. I'm glad I got in this course.”

Ron Holt, Two Maids and a Mop
Serving Alabama and Florida

"John, I just wanted you to know that I am doing my first website generated job today. It's a $615.00 job. On Yahoo when I look up carpet cleaning Bakersfield I am on the top of the list. That feels good! Thanks."

Eric Kidwell, Kidwell Brother Carpet Cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

What airport should I fly into? Pensacola Airport (PNS) is 15 minutes from the workshop location.

What time and day should I arrive? The rug cleaning marketing session with Dusty Roberts of the Rugbadger Corporation will be 5pm on Thursday, June 21st.  So if you’d like to attend that, fly in before 4pm on Thursday.

What hotel should I stay at? We'll give you a few options ranging in prices from cheap ($50-60 per night), moderate ($80-100), or beach front ($140 and up). The cheap location is within walking distance of the venue.

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